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Shop our products used in the Siroki Lash Studio. Think of this as your curated guide to effortless, everyday beauty & style — my favorite things to wear, use, and enjoy. 

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Deluxe DIY Lash Extensions Kit - $105

Everything you need to become your own lash artist. Perfect for beginners and pros alike.
  • Includes a variety of lash lengths and volumes for a customizable look
  • Professional-grade hypoallergenic adhesive (black or clear) that’s easy to work with
  • High-precision tweezers for flawless application
  • Lash sealer and remover
  • Detailed instruction guide

Why Choose Sierra's DIY Lash Extensions Kit?

  • Quality: My products are professional-grade and personally tested, meaning you're investing in the best for your beauty routine.
  • Value: Priced at $105, this kit offers unbeatable value, with enough materials for multiple applications.
  • Support: Each kit comes with a detailed guide, and you can always reach out for expert tips and guidance or have me apply them for you in-studio or on-location. 
  • Great for traveling and the lash lover on the go! 

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The chemical free makeup remover 

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Diy Lash application kit with THE BEST LASH APPLICATOR TOOL 

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Classic Lash Look DIY segmented lashes 

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Face washing microfiber wrist bands 

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Strip Lash Collection: 

Questions? Check Out the FAQs we hear most:

Q: How long do the lashes last?

A: With proper care, the lashes can last up to 2 weeks.

Q: Is the adhesive safe for sensitive eyes?

A: Yes, the adhesive in our DIY lash extensions kit is formulated for sensitive eyes.

Q: Can I reuse the lashes?

A: The lashes are single-use for hygiene reasons, but the kit includes enough materials for multiple applications.

WAnt the look without the work


Don't worry about being pressured into a lash style that doesn't resonate with you. I’m here to provide a personalized and unique beauty experience - one you simply won’t find anywhere else in Jacksonville.

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