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What Type of Gossip Girl Are You? (Lash Extensions Edition)

As you walk into Siroki Lash Studios, you are overwhelmed with the choices for lash extensions. Do you want a natural look, do you want to go all out? Somewhere in the middle?

Before you can make a decision, the lash artist, Sierra, asks, “What style of lash extensions do you want today?

Unsure, you decide to ask:

"Well, what's YOUR favorite style of lash extension?"

She says, “Well, it depends on the kind of lash girl you are! There are four types of lash extensions we offer: classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume. It really depends.” She tells you a little bit about each type and then leaves you informed and excited… yet still undecided.

You look at Sierra with a surprised face. "There are FOUR different types?" you ask. "I thought there were only two?!"

Sierra smiles, nods, and replies, “Well how about this. Hop up on the lash bed and get comfortable, we can look at some photos of our work on instagram and you can let me know what styles you’re most drawn to."

She explains she isn’t in a rush and encourages you to take your time. Before you can make a decision, you settle into the plush memory foam lash bed… and accidentally fall into a deep sleep.

As you doze of into your dream, you suddenly meet four characters from the hit TV show- Gossip Girl.

While sitting with them at a table at a Fashion Show after party, they each teach you about one of the four lash extension styles:

  1. Classic

  2. Hybrid

  3. Volume

  4. Mega Volume

The Classic Lash Extensions

Blair Waldorf tells you all about the beauty of classic lashes. She explains that they are applied individually on a 1:1 ratio, creating a natural, elegant, and effortless look. “Trust me, if you don’t want to be the laughing stock at the steps of the Met, you NEED to go for these.”

A Hybrid Lash Look

Serena Vanderwoodsen shows off her hybrid lash extensions. She explains that they fuse together classic and volume techniques to create a soft glam and boho look. “You know I’m a free spirit. I can never really just settle for one thing. I just want to feel good and catch the next party without trying too hard.”

A voice in the background chimes in,“Those are perfect for you. A combination of single and fan lash extensions. It just gives that slightly fuller effect since the fans are incorporated throughout your natural lashes.”

Serena replies, “Yes, you get me! I love a wispy blend.”

Rocking the Volume Lash Style

Jenny Humphrey rocks volume lashes like nobody's business! She tells you all about how these lashes add extra thickness and fullness to your eyes. “They are bold. It’s like this rad 3D look.”

As she chews her gum and rolls her eyes she says, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I’m just trying to express myself.”

Volume, huh? That sounds nice… “Volume Lash extensions are fans with multiple lashes to give you more fullness and thickness.”- you hear Sierra mention at the event table.

[This is one weird, dream y’all.]

Chuck Bass on Drama… Lash Drama That Is. ;)

Chuck Bass is all about dramatic mega volume lashes! Smirking, he leans in and tells you about a model he met at the show with these extra long and thick lashes.

“She had an unforgettable look. Honestly, I respect it. I always like to turn heads too. I never worry about following the dress code. The dress code follows me- and darling, drama just means you aren’t living a boring life. I would know. I’m Chuck Bass 😏”.

Sierra’s voice fades into the dream and you hear, “they feature this awesome 7D fan + flare customization, they give your eyes an instant pop whether you're going out on a date or out on the town.”

Then suddenly...

You wake up EMBARRASSED 😳 realizing this WHOLE TIME Sierra has been telling you about the different lash styles while you were asleep!

In turn, like the multi-tasking queen she is, Sierra has been answering ALL your questions. [Without realizing you have dosed off while asking them!]

The embarrassment wears off and you both laugh! Initially you were overwhelmed, but after learning about all four styles from these iconic Gossip Girl characters, you feel confident in your decision and excited to try out your new look. You calmly state, “Sierra, let’s go for the hybrid lashes.” She replies, “You got it!”

What lash extensions would YOU choose? Let us know in a DM on our instagram and enter for a chance to win a free DELUXE LASH AFTERCARE SWAG BAG!

Thanks for reading our special edition lash blog! We cant wait to see you next time,

With Love,

Sierra Siroky

CEO & Founder Of Siroky Lash Studio in Jacksonville, FL

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