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Pro Lash Artist's Guide to Amazon: The Best Tools and Products You NEED!

How To Find The Perfect Amazon lash tools and products For Your Lash Business

Amazon is a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs, including lash supplies! Here at Siroky Lash Studio, we've done extensive research to find the best Amazon beauty finds for professional lash artists.

From the lashes themselves to essentials like tweezers and hygrometers, and security systems, we've got you covered.

We only recommend products that we have tried and tested ourselves, so you can be confident that you're getting the best possible product for your money. We handled all those returns so you don’t t have to!

So, if you're looking to take your lash game to the next level, be sure to check out our Amazon finds! You won't be disappointed!

Amazon Finds for Beginner Lash Artists

Amazon is a Lash Artist's best friend! You can find anything and everything you need to get started in the lash industry, and at a fraction of the cost of high-end stores.

However, with so many potential items to choose from, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. I remember when I got my start as a lash artist. The information overload was a lot for me. From mentors to social media, to peers, it took me a long time to build my starter kit and decide what was best for me and my clients.

You don’t need as much as you think to get started, but here are 15 non-negotiable items on Amazon for you to invest in:

Lash Artist Amazon Starter Kit

1. Barbicide 16 oz & Disinfecting Jar 21 oz:

Everyone in the beauty industry must use Barbicide in a labeled jar to sanitize and disinfect their tools. This will get you started without spending too much.

2. Lash remover cream:

A clear & thick lash remover is easier to control and less likely to seep into your clients eyes.

3. Practice mannequin lash head:

A mannequin head with a flat back lays on a surface easily to lash on. This learning tool helps with practicing hand positions, body posture, and lashes. Apply a removable lash strip on the eyes and lash the strips to practice.

4. Disposable Lip wands and mascara wands, micro-swabs:

Lip wands are great for applying and removing lash remover cream, micro swabs are great for precise application of primer, mascara wands, and to brush lashes. Sanitation is key. All of these are one time use disposable items. Never reuse these on clients.

5. Micropore Medical Blue tape:

Soft & gentle on eyes, this amazon find is effective for taping down lashes and manipulation of the eyelids. This product doesn’t hurt the skin when pulling it off.

6. Micropore Surgical White Medical tape:

White tape assists with securing lash trays, manipulating the eyelids, eyelashes, and securing lashes for isolating. This product doesn’t hurt your client's skin when removing tape after services.

7. Hygrometer with temp and humidity:

You need to know the temperature and humidity levels in your lash room. This ensures the application process is effective. Glue dry time can slow if the humidity and temperatures are off. This pack has 2 because you always want a back up! No hygrometer = no go! It also fits on the lash cart without taking up too much room. They are less than 2 inches!

8. Lash bath bottle:

The targeted spout and easy squeeze makes rinsing lashes much easier.

9. Glue ring:

Decrease your lashing time by using a glue ring, these are a personal preference. The ridged edges help assist in making pro-made fans.

10. Nano Mister:

This product cures the lashes at the end of the service and calm down any fumes your clients may be experiencing from the application. It is rechargeable- so no need for batteries and it holds a charge for days!

11. Stacy Lash shampoo:

This foaming lash shampoo is cost effective if you want to save and buy one small bottle for yourself and refer clients to purchase theirs online. As you grow your lash business and you can invest more, be on the lookout for our link to bulk shampoo options.

12. Fan to dry lashes:

This rechargeable fan lasts for days. Strong and effective but small and easily stored on your lash cart. Clients will want to know where you got it.

13. Ring light:

This ring light lasts years and has an attachment for your phone, perfect for video content.

14. Humidifier:

Trust me, we went through quite a few lash humidifiers that unfortunately broke quite often. Then, one day out of desperation we tried an aromatherapy diffuser as an alternative. We highly suggest you try this. The product works great, plugs in, and lasts longer. You can set the time on it just like a lash humidifier and bonus points, it’s even stronger.

15. Dehumidifier:

Helps to bring down humidity levels in your lash room. It plugs in and is easy to set up!

As you can see, Amazon has almost everything you need to get started as a lash artist! With just a few clicks, you can have all of these items delivered right to your doorstep at an affordable price point. So what are you waiting for? Get started building your professional beginner lash kit today using the recommendations above.

The most important things to remember are to get what you need, start, and make sure no matter what you use clean products and ensure your tools are as sanitary as possible.

Amazon Finds for Moderately Experienced Lash Artists

As your lash business grows and becomes more steady, now is the time to take your tools and service to the next level.

Amazon (no surprise here) has some great lash studio products that can help you with this:

Level Up Lash Kit

1. Lash aftercare cards:

Keep your clients updated with the steps they need to take to keep up with their lashes

2. Lash shampoo foam pumps:

To help with dispensing foam shampoo to clean lashes. Just add lash shampoo concentrate & water. (Lash concentrate link coming soon in keep an eye out on the blog)

3. Magnifying glasses:

If lash isolating is difficult for you my life changed when my lash educator put me onto these. You can use magnifying glasses that are actually cute! Trust me, game changer.

4. Gift bags:

This is a great product to level up your client's aftercare experience. A sleek black gift bag to hold all of the necessary after care essentials your client needs to take care of their lashes. We already tested if the lash products fit so you don’t t have to!

5. Glue wipes:

I found these lash glue wipes in bulk, and haven’t looked back. Such a game changer these stop the lash glue from clogging and making the cap get stuck. I tried with and without. Definitely worth your investment. You do not want to throw out an entire bottle of lash glue!

6. Massage bed:

This bed has lasted the test of time, back in my first lash studio space I broke it down and set it up before and after each client it has lasted all the way up to now. This massage bed supports a lot of weight without being too heavy itself. It's really great if you’re a mobile artist.

7. Sheet set:

I recommend ordering more than one of these Lash bed sheet sets to replace sheets between your client appointments.

8. Lash brushes:

The lash brushes are great gifts for the shampoo aftercare kits. We use the same brushes in studio on clients. This way they experience them before the appointment and take them home after the appointment is complete.

9. Gift boxes:

Clear boxes that fold into shape and fit your business cards (and after care cards) perfectly.

10. Medical foam tape eye pads:

Great for lash removal and lash application if you have clients with sensitivity and or allergies-they are hypoallergenic.

11. Thank you stickers:

If you're looking for a way to show your lash clients you appreciate them you can utilize these in multiple ways on products; lash shampoos, on bags, or on packaging.

Amazon Finds for Experienced Lash Artists

Are you a seasoned lash artist professional that wants to provide your clients a luxury experience?

Now that you have gotten comfortable with providing the basics and providing exceptional service for your clients.

It’s time to “wow” them! These Amazon lash products will do just that for you!

With these Amazon products, you can provide your clients with a luxury experience that they will never forget.

Luxury Level Lash Client Kit

1. Thank you cards:

These are great to throw into your client's gift bags or give with gifts during the holiday season.

2. Memory foam topper:

This 4 inch topper has insured my clients fall asleep easily at every appointment. This product has cool foam technology we constantly hear how cozy the lash bed is. Client comfort is key for a great lash set and to keep your clients coming back for more!

3. Cover:

The lash bed cover gives your studio a sleek and clean look while also hiding away some extra storage space.

4. Glue shaker:

No more shaking glue by hand forever. The retention of lashes is better and speeds this product will speed up prep time. Insert your lash glue in it by selecting the correct size adapter and press the power button.

5. Tweezer storage home:

This tweezer storage home helps to make sure you don't mess up your tweezers and they are stored in a sanitary, safe, and aesthetically pleasing home.

6. Lash trays and lash storage:

This set comes with multiple lash trays that are removable and lightweight. Not to mention, storage they fit into seamlessly. Again sanitary, safe (for the lashes), and aesthetically pleasing to your eyes!

7. Individually wrapped and packaged eye drops:

State-board safe single use eye drops thoughtful for your clients aftercare. This is a great solution for your clients with dry eyes or any irritation.

8. Ergonomic Lash Chair:

This chair is a game changer, you need to take care of your body. We highly recommend it. Great quality, easy assembly (we are talking 5 minutes) and the perfect height for your lash bed.

9. Price retail labels:

These labels can be changed easily and look great to display your retail products.

10. Travel mascara wand:

These are the ones we use and retail in studio or give as gifts. They come in multiple styles to match your aesthetic. These are great for clients because they keep lash brushing sanitary and cute.

11. Sleeping mask:

Sell this product to your clients to protect their lashes. These are silky and memory foam so they are comfortable and block out light for better sleep. Safe up to 16 mm.

12. Eyelash under eye pads:

Comfortable and sticky lash pads with aloe. Great to protect the bottom lashes from getting into the top lashes and give your clients a hydrated under eye at the end of the service.

13. Security camera:

This camera has a voice recording with live feed to your phone via an app 24/7. Keep you and your clients safe!

14. Adhesive paper towel holders:

Place this in the bathroom for the “typical use” and under your lash cart for easy access to use for sanitary purposes between your clients.

15. Lash pillow:

Memory foam lash pillow with compartments on the sides is great for your clients to be relaxed, comfortable, and in one place during their lash application.

16. Ceiling tiles:

Most of the spaces we get as lash artists are medical offices, due to the smaller square footage. We did not want our space to feel reminiscent of the doctor's office in any way so we replaced our ceiling tiles. We love it! It's an affordable and quick fix, you should try it!

17. Smart plugs:

Control the heater and humidity appliances via an app on your phone away from your lash studio. Compatible to connect with Siri or Alexa in the lash studio.

18. Scratch off rewards:

Great as a little thank you, raffle, a surprise, or with a gift during the holiday season. You can customize the writing behind the scratch off. For example, a small percentage off their next service, a dollar amount of their next service, free product, etc.

Why Should I Use Amazon To Find Products for My Lash Business?

Amazon is a go-to for many people when it comes to buying beauty products, and for good reason.

Amazon sells just about everything you could possibly need for your lash business, from the lashes themselves to tweezers and thermometers. Amazon also has a great selection of lash beds, which are essential for providing your clients with the best possible lash experience.

This is exactly why if you are just starting out, it’s the best place to go!

Siroky Lash Studio has done extensive research on Amazon to find the best possible products and tools for lash artists, and we are sharing our findings with you today.

We hope that these Amazon finds help you to become one step closer to becoming the professional lash artist of your dreams. Thanks for reading!

With Love,

Sierra Siroky

CEO & Founder Of Siroky Lash Studio in Jacksonville, FL

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