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Last Minute Amazon Prime Holiday Gift Guide For Her 2022

Modern Wine Glass Set

At the time of this post the glasses are an additional 10%off. I got these last year as a gift (that I specifically asked for) and now I see them everywhere this year. All the bloggers are mentioning them. They defiantly are a show stopper. We always get complements when we have company over and we pour them up a glass in these! Oh, and yes you saw that right, it even comes in a box ready to gift! Just add the bow!

Robot Vacuum and Mop

So, I just got this vacuum and this little thing can clean! You can connect it to wifi and schedule it to avoid areas, focus on areas, and clean at specific time or start or stop while away from home. You can also just turn it on and let it go to work. What sold me on it was when it picked up all the fallen leaves from my plant in the window! It has these little sweeper arms that push debris under it while its also short enough to fit under my couch without getting stuck and it doesn’t bump into things. The app is so easy to use and I highly recommend it! Ill never vacuum my whole place myself again. A great price and it gets the job done! Just watch the video its not lying.

Portable Charger

At the time of this post the portable charger is an additional 14% off. Everyone needs a quick and easy to use portable charger you cant go wrong with this as a stocking stuffer. Heck, I want one. Hint Hint, if anyone I love is reading!

Magnetic Phone Charger for Car

At the time of this post the car charger is an additional 20% off, I got this in black for my car and it is great. It charges my iPhone 14 quickly and the magnetic hold is strong. the only thing i had to do was get a new adaptor for the car. set up was so simple and it's secure.

Coffee Table Book

This is a home decor coffee table book in neutral tones by Athena Calderone. At the time of this post the book has a coupon for almost $7 off! I personally love this designers decor style and a lot of it is taken into consideration in our Lash Studio. We will definitely be picking up this Gem!

Home Organization Coffee Table book

This book currently has a coupon for almost $4.

If you are looking to buy black this author Nikki Boyd's book has been Selected as the “Best Coffee Table Book” by Stylecaster. It has also been Featured in the New York Times and Real Simple magazine. You can not go wrong with this one. Aesthetic, supportive, a great price, and checking all the organization boxes!

Espresso Machine

Okay, If you want to spoil someone you love or you want to be spoiled this is an AMAZING gift. I was lucky enough to be gifted this fabulous machine. Starbucks Who? This machine has me feeling like an barista in the kitchen. Cappuccino and Lattes are now easily a morning necessity. I can not go back to basic coffee now. Not to mention, just look at it! It is so cute. Easy to clean and easy to use. The perfect gift for that coffee lover in your life, even if its you!

Bamboo Lids for mason jars

I bought these for myself a few months back and when I say, game changer, I mean it! The lids fit on almost all of my little mason jar mugs and now I have officially converted my cabinet to only have 8-12 oz cups that fit these lids so now every cup is ready to go if need be. Also lets be real they are too cute not to use!

Swing out mirror for vanity

This little thing changed the getting ready game for me! No more kinking your neck, get up close and personal, apply those lashes with ease! I no longer have to bend into all kinds of shapes to see what I need to! and when I am done I can just move it back. So cute and functional.

Barefoot dreams robe

A classic, luxurious gift! I love to gift these robes. Literally, no robe compares! Such an amazing butter soft feel, the stretch is so nice and the style is so classic it will never go out of style. Everyone who has ever received this from me has loved it!

Barefoot dreams long robe

This is a more modern design to the robe. It reminded me of something Kim K would open her door to do an AD home tour in. Its barefoot dreams so you absolutely cant go wrong there and it gives a more casual approach to the robe look.

Barefoot dreams ribbed throw blanket

A good blanket is always a great gift and Barefoot dreams is the top tier blanket of the holiday season. This one steps it up a notch with its ribbed edges! It is beautiful year round due to the neutral tone. It would match basically anyones decorating style and the cozy butter soft and stretchy material of Barefoot Dreams is unmatched! This may be another hint i will need to drop. Shh! Don’t t tell anyone. Wink Wink.

Revlon Blowdry Brush

Okay so I know the picture to the right is the Dry Bar brush! Can we say dupe? This brush is a GAME CHANGER! Want to know a secret?! I know you do. The same company that owns Revlon also owns Dry Bar and Hot tools. I have thick curly hair and it gets my hair smooth and voluminous with minimal frizz in no time. The first time I heard about it this brush was actually gifted to me by my mom. Years ago! She used it on her own hair (blonde, fine, and straight) she said it would be amazing for me. Of course I was a bit skeptical. So what did she do? She gifted it me. Then I had to try it. I am so beyond happy I did. The brush is amazing. It works on all hair types and it is well worth the affordable price point. So... If you want to step it up to the Luxury option try the Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush - Drybar Click the photo for the dry bar brush and the Title of this paragraph for the Revlon one. You be the judge!

"Who ever said money cant buy happiness, didn’t know where to go shopping." - Bo Derek

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