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Lashes and styes?

A stye, also known as Hordeolum, first appears as a pimple on the edge of the eyelid near the root of the lash line. Make no mistake a stye, is in fact an infection of the eyes. This can be caused by makeup, dust, or debris getting into the gland and clogging it.

If you are prone to styes strip lashes, lash extensions, segmented lashes, cluster lashes, consistent makeup use, and debris can increase your likelihood of getting a stye.

The best practice in avoiding styles is proper cleansing of the eye area. This blog will dive into what exactly a style is and how to avoid and/or get rid of one.

What can cause a stye?

A stye is typically caused by exposure to bacteria. Seeing as Staphylococcus aureus simply means Staph. Staph infections are bacterial infections that vary in severity. Regardless staph of any kind should be treated immediately.

How to know if you have a stye.

Do you have a tender red bump on the edge of your eyelid?

If so you more than likely have a stye. The infection is most often caused by bacteria called staph (Staphylococcus aureus).

The most common symptoms are a tender feeling, redness, and swelling. In most cases, a stye will go away on its own. With proper care and ensuring the area is kept as sanitary as possible.

However, if left untreated an infection can become extremely

serious and you will need medical attention to cure the infection.

Home remedies to cure a stye.

Okay, so a stye is a pain! A pain to deal with and just plain painful! However, if you are mindful and catch it in time you can typically try a few of the following steps to lessen the size of the stye and eventually cure it!

  • A hot compress

  • A cold compress

  • Alternating between a hot and cold compress

  • Keeping the face clean

  • Avoid wearing makeup and lashes until the stye has healed fully

  • Washing the infected area thoroughly.

If you are mindful of these things and dedicate the time to it you should be able to heal the stye before it becomes a concern.

Sometimes, you may need to take a break from makeup and or lashes to clear up the infection. Trust me, it is worth it to take a week or two off to heal the infection. Here at Siroki Lash, we want you to feel your best and confident in the day-to-day however, in doing that you must always remember to maintain sanitary practices by removing your makeup daily.

We recommend the Siroki Sponge available for purchase here. Siroki Sponge removes all traces of makeup without using any chemicals! This little padded sponge removes light to full-coverage makeup! Waterproof? Not a problem. The textured groves help to gently exfoliate skin in the process, our ultra-absorbent sponge removes all products.

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✓ reusable ✓ machine washable ✓ no added chemicals ✓ double-sided ✓ great for all skin types ✓ eliminates waste

Ps. Don't forget to wash those lashes!

"Wash your worries away" -Unknown

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