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Holiday Gift Guide for Lash Lovers

It's s already that time of year again. Time for gift giving. Wondering what that lash lover in your life will enjoy. Look no further. Here at Siroki Lash Studio we have curated a list of our top finds, if you want to make them laugh, or you want to spoil them with a little something cute! The best part? All the finds are under $100!

This post may contain affiliate links which means, we may receive a commission if you buy via the links at no extra cost to you

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1. Towel Wrist & Head Bands for washing your face

So more than likely we all have seen a video or two of the beauty guru's using the towel head band. Most of us have one by now. But, what if we told you that some genius out there came up with cute little wrist bands made of the same material to stop the water and soap from running down your arms! Well it happened and we found the cutest matching set.

2. Grande Lash Lip Brow and Lash Kit

At Siroki Lash Studio it is no secret that we swear by the Grande Lash Serum. We love the holiday season because Grande Lash MD always comes out with limited edition holiday sets! This year the sets did not disappoint. We found the perfect set if you want something smaller for traveling or if you want to try out the Lash Serum, Brow Serum and Lip products while saving a bundle!

3. Destination Grande Set Lash and Brow Serum with Serum infused Mascara

Iykyk at Siroki Lash we are not the biggest fans of mascara however, a mascara that is good for the lashes? Sign us up! We recommend this set for if your a lash lover but you wear mascara on the bottom lashes or if you haven’t made the commitment to lash extensions or the DIY kits yet. In this one you will get FULL SIZE lash serum, brow serum and lash serum infused mascara! This is self care at it finest. Give your lashes and brows a little TLC without breaking the bank!

4. Real Silk Pillow Case

Did someone say luxury? True silk pillow cases can be pricy but they last you for years and the benefits are more than worth it. These would be a wonderful gift for anyone on your wishlist that wants to take better care of their hair or their skin. Sleeping with a silk pillow case lessens the friction created at night on a typical cotton pillow case and can decrease appearance of wrinkles, breakouts, damaged lashes, and even frizzy hair! The bougie in them will appreciate this one. Even my boyfriend can’t live without his!

5. Satin Pillow Cases Set of 2

Did you click the link for the real pillow case and decide that price tag wasn’t for you? Well, don’t fret about it at all. Satin pillow cases are great too! You get all of the benefits we mentioned before without breaking the bank as much. You may need to replace these a bit more often but if you enjoy a good switch up these are perfect. I personally have a set of these on my pillows as we speak!

6. Rechargeable Lash Fan

Every lash lover deserves a little something to make their life easier. This is the exact same lash fan we use in studio and wanted to give you the link here this year. So many of our clients come in and ask us were they can get one just like ours. This will hold a charge for days, even a week depending on how often you use it! Its been our ride or die lash cart product for years!

7. I woke up like this socks

Okay, who doesn’t love a good cozy sock for the holidays? We searched high and low for you guys and we found these little cuties! You wont find these in stores. Trust us we tried! Such a good little stocking stuffer or a great add on to another gift for that lash lover in your life. I personally love to give a themed gift so pairing this with one of the other gifts we mentioned above could be such a cute little bundle present!

8. Lash Pillow Covers

How cute are these? Some people are not a fan of the feeling of silk or satin sheets against their skin. We get it. No judgement we promise. The classics are just the classics right. This set was too cute to leave out. I mean come on!

9. Lash Goggles

Gag Gift? We got you covered. We all know someone who has gotten their lashes done forgotten it was wash day and then thought "Hmm, 🤔 I could just put on some goggles" well we even found a gift for that. Don’t let them live it down! These could be practical and you have to admit, it’s s pretty funny!

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Francis of Assisi
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