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Common Myths About Lash Extensions

Lash extensions can seem like a daunting and mysterious process, and it's no wonder that there are many misconceptions about what they actually entail.

In this blog post, I'll be exploring some of the most common myths surrounding lash extensions, and offering some insight into what really goes on behind the scenes.

Myth 1: Lash Extensions Damage Your Real Lashes

Will Lash Extensions Damage your natural lashes?

Lash extensions are becoming a popular beauty treatment. However, there is still a lot of misinformation out there about them. One common misconception is that lash extensions will damage your natural lashes.

However, this is only true if they are applied by an inexperienced or unsanitary technician. Lash extensions are actually very safe and can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty.

When applied correctly, they will not damage your lashes and can even help to protect them from damage. So if you're thinking about getting lash extensions, make sure to find a reputable technician who will give you the beautiful, full lashes you've always wanted.

Myth 2: Lash Extensions are applied all at once

How do Lash Extensions work?

Applying lash extensions is an art form. Lash artists are able to take a person's natural lashes and transform them into something beautiful. However, there is a common misconception that lash artists simply apply the extensions all at once.

In reality, each extension is applied one by one, isolating each natural lash. This process is important because it helps to prevent damage.

Lash artists who don't properly isolate the lashes can cause stickies (when two or more lashes touch and get stuck together). Lashes are applied one to one, meaning each extension should be isolated on its own natural lash.

Damage can occur from artists who don't properly isolate, leading to stickies (when two lashes touch and get stuck or intentionally/unintentionally glued together) this becomes uncomfortable during the growth cycle because each natural lash grows at a different rate. Therefore when the lashes grow the stickies can cause an uncomfortable pulling.

As a result, it's important to find a Lash artist who takes the time to properly isolate the lashes. With proper isolation, you can achieve the perfect Lash look without damaging your natural lashes.

Myth 3: Lash Extensions are Permanent

Are Lash Extensions Permanent?

Lash extensions are not permanent - your lashes grow in cycles like the hair on your head, and need to be refilled every 2-3 weeks as old lashes shed. However, Lash extensions can last a long time if they are properly cared for.

Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your lash extensions:

- Avoid using oil-based products around your eyes, as this can break down the adhesive that holds the lash extensions in place.

- Be gentle when removing makeup, and avoid rubbing or pulling at your lash extensions.

- Gently brush your lash extensions with a clean mascara wand to keep them from getting tangled or matted.

Following these simple tips, you can enjoy your Lash extensions for weeks to come!

Myth 4: Lash Extensions Hurt

Do Lash Extensions Hurt?

One of the biggest misconceptions about lash extensions is that they are painful or uncomfortable to get. In reality, modern techniques have made the process quick and virtually pain-free.

The lashes themselves are applied in a way that minimizes any discomfort, and most people barely notice it happening at all.The process of getting lash extensions should not hurt - if you feel pain, tell your artist immediately as this is not normal.

In reality, carefully applied extensions and proper aftercare can actually help to protect your natural lashes, making them healthier and more vibrant than ever before.

So if you're thinking about getting lash extensions, don't be deterred by the common misconceptions – with the right provider and technique, they can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty.

The most important thing to remember when getting Lash extensions is to research the Lash artist and location to make sure you’re getting the best service at the highest available quality possible.

Here at Siroky Lash Studio’s we are committed to delivering this exact experience for you. So if you’re looking for Lash Extensions in the high-quality, come see us in Riverside, Jacksonville, FL!

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